SHIRTS. Senses

Thank you Sary and Vivi



Sound waves, the action potential of a cell membrane



clouds and three dimensional triangle



The form of a crystal, referring to a prism, which breaks the light, which is broken by light.

Not available anymore.


Smell/ Taste.

the distribution of receptors on tongue and nose, accompanied by the locus of attention.

Working on the concept I tried to leave specific patterns behind, in search of sensing and feeling, running after things kept in suspense. It’s about going back to the basis, to the foundation of things. Back to what we feel and what we are. Things unseen and transient, unspoken and abstract. But always there. The Past. The Present. The Future.

Printed in grey and black on American Apparel „Le New Big Tee“ one size T-Shirt. Little piece of embroidery on the back of the Shirt.

All products are self designed and handmade. Instead of the usual printing process of heat transfer, every shirt being printed individually with silk- screen print on my tiny kitchen table in limited quantities, accuracy and love. I use water based inks and highly lasting screen print colours, which are environment-friendly, without leaving an rubber-like coatings behind, which easily tend to brittle a bit. Wash it carefully and treat is friendly and it will keep your company.